Will you stand for the Green Party in the next local election?

18 November 2020

We need local Green Party candidates to stand in as many divisions as possible across South Kesteven and South Holland so that we can give more and more people the opportunity to vote Green! It is simply not the case that a Green vote is a wasted vote: the number of people who vote for us is increasing steadily and this is really positive - we could get our first Green councillor soon!

Green Party response to Government's 10 point climate change plan

17 November 2020

Any action to address climate change is welcome, but this is nowhere near the scale or speed of what is needed. It’s like dialling 999 when your house is on fire, but Boris Johnson turns up hours late with a garden hose.

Check out our Green New Deal

South Lincolnshire Green Party New Deal

30 October 2020

South Lincolnshire Green Party call on South Kesteven District Council to make an inclusive plan, that not only tackles greenhouse gas emissions, but also takes into account our wellbeing and that of our environment.

Climate Week

29 September 2020

This year, our climate strike was a bit more lonely than last year's!

Tree planting Wyndham Park

Greens plant new hedgerow

24 February 2020

As part of a wide ranging biodiversity project in Wyndham Park, South Lincs Greens have planted a variety of over 400 native hedgerow plants and trees to offer habitat diversity for local wildlife. Another 300+ coming this autumn - want to help?

Air Quality Monitoring

24 February 2020

According to our Council’s own monitoring, Pinchbeck Road has the poorest air quality in the whole of South Holland. This won’t surprise Castle Ward residents, who are used to the smell of fumes from traffic queuing on this busy road, especially when both the level crossings are down. We now know that air pollution is contributing to an estimated 40,000 premature deaths in the UK per year. Did you know that pollution levels can be 9-12 times higher inside a car than outside?

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