Today is World Bee Day

20 May 2020

Celebrate World Bee Day with a couple of videos on bumblebees

Caroline Lucas commissions a new report to inform Green Party policy on nature

24 February 2020

This report focuses on nature, and in particular on the conservation of wildlife and its habitats.

Action on Climate Change

24 February 2020

The Green Party has launched a new campaign to help local parties with taking action of climate change.

Denting the Conservative stranglehold

24 February 2020

Our assessment is that for the County Council elections that are coming up in 2021, it is important that we keep the pressure on and that we have Green candidates in place so that people can vote Green. If you are able to stand, please let us know at

Tree planting Wyndham Park

Greens plant new hedgerow

24 February 2020

As part of a wide ranging biodiversity project in Wyndham Park, South Lincs Greens - who also volunteer within the newly redeveloped park - have planted a variety of over 400 native hedgerow plants and trees to offer habitat diversity for local wildflife.

We need more trees!

24 February 2020

The UK is relatively under-forested, compared with the rest of Europe, and it is widely believed that we should plant more trees to improve biodiversity and help combat climate change. You can get free trees from the Woodland Trust and some energy companies.

Air Quality Monitoring

24 February 2020

According to our Council’s own monitoring, Pinchbeck Road has the poorest air quality in the whole of South Holland. This won’t surprise Castle Ward residents, who are used to the smell of fumes from traffic queuing on this busy road, especially when both the level crossings are down. We now know that air pollution is contributing to an estimated 40,000 premature deaths in the UK per year. Did you know that pollution levels can be 9-12 times higher inside a car than outside?

Jonathan Bartley visits Spalding to support our candidate Alistair Crisp

25 February 2019

Jonathan Bartley, co-leader of the Green Party of England and Wales, visited Spalding on during the District Council election campaign.

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