Volunteers from the South Lincolnshire Green Party are working on bat emergence study

24 September 2018

Green Party members from Grantham have been trained by the Lincolnshire Bat Trust to use bat monitors and they are taking part in an important study to find out where Daubenton bats roost, so that their roosts can be protected.  The emergence time of the first bat for the evening is recorded at various locations along the River Witham in Grantham.  We’ve all had to learn to use bat monitors and to be able to distinguish the local species.Bat detecting in Wyndham Park, Grantham

 All data is useful - even a no show.  The work is being overseen by the Wyndham Park Forum.  More volunteers are needed!  Please contact Elizabeth Bowskill if you would like to be involved in the bat monitoring or are interested in taking part in a bat walk as a leader or participator.  elizabeth_ab@btopenworld.com