Raising the profile of climate change and its impact on biodiversity

29 September 2020

The last week of September is always Climate Week. Last year South Lincolnshire Greens hosted a successful climate strike in Grantham drawing attention to climate change and biodiversity loss. We cannot let this agenda slip from people’s minds. We cancelled our event this year, but instead ran a Covid-safe strike, to underline our commitment to climate change and biodiversity loss.

We are used to hearing about the impact on climate change and biodiversity in areas such as the Amazon, but it is less well known, that the UK’s biodiversity had been massively depleted by centuries of habitat loss, management changes, development and persecution. Much loved species such as hedgehogs and wildflower meadows are suffering catastrophic declines and indicate less visible losses, vital to our health and economy.

Please try to have a nature friendly patch in your garden to help soil and insect health in return for the benefits they provide to us.

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