The next local election will take place in May 2021. We are targeting Grantham South and our candidate for that ward is Anne Gayfer. However, we need your help!

18 November 2020


What does standing for the Green Party involve? 

Anyone who stands as a councillor for the Green Party must be aware that they could get elected!  Having said that, we have a general idea of which seats are more winnable. We therefore select one ward (district elections) or division (county elections) that is a priority and we focus on leafletting, surveying and canvassing in that area. We have seats we expect to be un-winnable, for example where there is a popular existing councillor. We would therefore like as many members of our local party to stand in places according to how keen they are to be a councillor in a way that will give us maximum spread across our area. Members should therefore let us know whether they would be happy to stand and how keen they are to be a councillor. You do not need to be Green Party member to stand. In the last local election, we were really pleased to get a good number of local candidates standing in Spalding and the surrounding area. Local people living in the area also encouraged members of their family to stand and within a short space of time we had 10 wards covered. We were able to get good representation from across diverse communities in the area, enabling us to reach new communities we had struggled to connect with before.

Get in touch If you are interested in standing or would like to know more about what being a councillor will involve, please contact us.


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